Service Department

Our multi-line factory approved service department is here to meet all of your motorcycle repair and maintenance needs, whether you ride a BMW, Triumph, MV Agusta, or Motus. We do everything from routine maintenance to heavy repairs and have multiple techs who are BMW, Triumph, and Motus factory certified, one being a BMW Master Technician. We are excited to now service the Triumph community as well, as we are the only Atlanta area dealer with two certified factory trained Triumph technicians! Our BMW Master Tech is VERY well heeled in the art of sidecars and if you need someone to service or properly set up the geometry on your sidecar, he is the man. The other techs both come from the racing world, one from the world off off-road and one spending time in a race shop building motors, repairing and setting up race bikes. We have techs who are experienced with MV Agusta, we have purchased state-of-the-art equipment from the factory, and MV has sent in their best service reps to assure we are ready to give MV owners the service they expect and deserve. We look forward to meeting you and will do everything we can to earn your trust in our service department. We understand how important it is to trust the people working on your motorcycle and we want to be the shop you trust and choose.

Why Choose Hourglass?

We understand the love you have for your bike and want to care for it as if it's our own while it's here. The large size of our service building allows us to do things most dealerships can't. When your bike is here it stays INSIDE in a specified area from the time it is checked in until the time we work on it. After the work is complete it is situated (still indoors) in the pick-up area and doesn't move again until you pick it up. No more shuffling your bike in and out of the shop twice a day, increasing the danger of it being dropped and damaged. No more customer bikes sitting out in the rain and bad weather. We wouldn't want our bikes sitting out there, so we make sure yours don't either. Our service department is well over 10,000 square feet with an easily accessible parking lot/entrance no matter what size trailer you have. We even have an under-cover unloading/loading area in case you are dropping off in the rain or hot sun. Need to leave your trailer here while we service your bike? No problem! Any time your bike is in for service you can leave your trailer here for free. It will be safe at night as our whole property is secured with a 6-7 foot fence with locked steel gates out front. We care about motorcyclists and their machines and want it to shine through in our service to you!

Chain and Sprocket Replacement
Hourglass Cycles
6080 Lanier Islands Pkwy
Buford, GA

Service Description

Your chain and sprockets are constantly exposed to extreme conditions. Due to wear and tear, all chains and sprockets need to be replaced eventually. It’s always a good idea to replace your chains and sprockets at the same time. You’ll notice a difference in the way your vehicle runs, shifts, and sounds.