Our Events

When: March 26th / 1:30pm To March 26th / approx. 3pm

IT'S BACK!!! MotoGP has returned for 2017 with some shuffling of riders, bike changes, the usual pre-season drama, and the beginning of a new race season making the leader board empty and open for the taking.

We're showing the race live at our dealership and everyone is welcome to come join us for free and enjoy the racing in good moto-company. Doesn't matter what you drive or ride up here or who you cheer for. Cheering and Yelling allowed and encouraged.

Just like last year, we'll be projecting the race up onto our showroom wall on a huge 20ft screen to enjoy all the racing larger than life and live. We subscribe to the MotoGP online so you dont have to... just walk, ride, or drive up and watch the race with us commercial free and unedited.

They show the post race interviews live as well for anyone interested in hearing Rossi say, "Isa goood race, I feela good and justa go fasst you know!"

We will also have some free snacks, drinks, and coffee for all that attend... we hope to see yall out this sunday at 1:30 -- Green flag at 2pm.